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Does A Boring Vacation Scare You? Here’s An Ultimate Fun List

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Does A Boring Vacation Scare You

Life is unpredictable, and no one prefers wasting any opportunity for a vacation. These are usually once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to explore the world. Without proper guidance and research, holidays can become incredibly dull.

Even the places you visited last year in the summers can give you new and refreshing memories. Global countries are renovating their tourist attractions from time to time, making them more alluring and memorable. Thus, there must be a lot to explore in the surroundings. While shortlisting the countries, we decided to talk about the most sought-after location and review for you its ultimate attraction sites. Yes, you must have guessed it right; we are talking about the USA. This list will cover various activities and adventures to explore in America, ensuring that your trip goes safely fantastic without hitting even a pinch of boredom.

#1. Route 66

Route 66 is one of the oldest highways in America. Since 1985 it has served as a haven for heritage lovers. One can discover the rich history and culture driving down this route. At the same time, it has been a center of attraction for many tourists worldwide. It spans over 2000 kilometers starting from Chicago, leading up to Los Angeles. It passes through many towns, and there are stops all along the way too.  One should make a wish list of all the holidays they wish not to miss.

#2. Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is a town near the Smoky Mountains that ensures the entertainment of every tourist. No matter what the time of the year, some exciting event is always taking place. Depending on the season, it offers Christmas festivals, fall celebrations, music concerts, sports tournaments, and much more.

White Water Rafting Pigeon Forge is one of the major attractions for families visiting the state no matter how often during the year. It offers fun and excitement for members of all ages. It is the most extended trip on the river that ensures an electrifying yet exhilarating time for tourists.

#3. Go up the Statue of Liberty, New York

New York is one of the main tourist spots in America. Statue of Liberty is the most eye-catching of all that is available there. Booking in advance helps to get inside faster by avoiding queues. Heading to the crown means going up 146 stairs in a stretch. Additionally, 44 stairs in a spiral staircase until one reaches the top. Once there, it is exhilarating, and all the hard work with the stairs seems worth it. Besides this, there are numerous other activities in the city to keep the tourists on their toes.

#4. A ride in the Great Niagara Falls

Tourists love visiting Niagara Falls every time they are nearby. The best way to get up close to the falls is through Maid of the Mist, without which any tour would be incomplete. The fastest method to get there is taking a taxi from Buffalo to Niagara. It is something not to miss, as the adrenaline rush tourists get it is irreplaceable.

#5. Attend a music festival

This experience is one of a kind, and everyone should see their favorite bands perform live. Various music festivals happen all across America. However, the most popular ones are Coachella which takes place in Indio, California, and Governors Ball that takes place in New York. It is a great way to experience music in its pure essence. Moreover, numerous festivals that take place in Rhode Island fit every genre of music. A vacation that involves attending a music festival can never get dull.

#6. Disneyland

All Disneylands in America have a different experience. No matter what’s already on your bucket list, add this one blindly. Be it the Californian one or the one in Florida; the fun will be limitless. Staying in Disney’s resorts also elevates the whole experience. It is a world-class ride experience, and one gets to enjoy their favorite character and dining. There are different packages that tourists can book depending on their family size, age, and budget.

#7. Death Valley

Popularly known as the driest and hottest national park, the place has immense attraction. Many tours are available from Vegas. However, one can drive there too; it only makes the whole experience better. There are many places that tourists can stay in, keeping in mind the best time of the year to visit this place is late October. Spring is also a good option as one can witness various wildflowers. Summer months won’t be a preferable choice as it gets scorching.

#8. Spotting Volcanoes in Hawaii

Clusters of volcanoes exist in Hawaii that one needs to witness at least once in life. Besides their beauty, these volcanoes are attractive to tourists. Kilauea is the most active volcano in the world. Tourists can book a tour or drive themselves to these sites to grab some heartthrob nature views. Some require hiking up to see the best ones. Each volcano offers a different experience; hence they keep the tourists engaged.

#9. Flying a plane in Las Vegas, Nevada

If one feels tired of the other regular activities cities have to offer, take this opportunity. The thrill of witnessing Vegas from an eagle’s eye view is a heart-racing and unbeatable experience. The pilot explains each move, and the training goes on for some time till the tourist can get a hold of things. The tourists must understand the level of thrill involved here. This experience is one of a kind.


Your trips will no longer be boring if the guidelines get well versed by each individual. The places that one tends to skip or not pay attention to turn out to give one of the best memories. There is so much to do in all these locations that multiple visits would not be a bad idea. In America, there is never a dull moment if your trip is well-planned.

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