Delhi To Shimla Trains Guide [2020] For First Time Visitors

Delhi To Shimla Train

Shimla, also famous as Simla, is the capital of the state Himachal Pradesh and also tops the list of most famous hill stations in India. Earlier the city declared as the summer capital of British India, following Murree, northeast of Rawalpindi.

One who heard about Shimla but never visited there, then the information given here is for them. Especially those who plan to take Delhi to Shimla trains in a couple of weeks or months, one should have a glance like Delhi to Shimla Trains route, Kalka To Shimla Train Names, and timetable, etc. to make train journey hassle-free.

What is the train distance from Delhi to Shimla?

Delhi to Shimla train distance is about 352 km, but to reach Shimla, one has to switch the train at Kalka from Delhi because there is no direct train to Shimla from Delhi.

Delhi to Shimla Train Route

The train journey from Delhi to Shimla is one of the most favorite among the tourists in the hills of North India. However, to get from Delhi to Shimla, one has to change trains in Kalka. Two trains that run from Delhi to Shimla. The train which runs from Delhi to Kalka is a broad gauge train, and the train which runs between Kalka and Shimla is a narrow-gauge train.

The Important stations on the route between Delhi to Shimla are Sonepat, Panipat, Karnal, Ambala, Chandigarh, and Kalka. The longest tunnel, which extends more than 1 km away, is near Barog. The view surrounding Barog attracts the mind. Scenic poses seen all around. The pine and oak trees feel the sun’s rays playing hide and seek.

Kalka to Shimla Train Names

There are three regular trains which run between Kalka and Shimla. They are as follows:

#1. Shivalik Deluxe Express:

Shivalik is a premium express train, which makes the journey of passengers enjoyable with large glass windows, comfortable seats, carpeted floors, and music tunes. This train has a seating capacity of 120 passengers. Food provided on this train.

#2. Himalayan Queen:

This train will be suitable for those who want to get down at some stations and capture beautiful scenes in their camera. Food not provided on this train, but you can buy food from any of the nine railway stations that come during the journey.

#3. Rail Motor Car:

This is similar to a bus, and this chair car carries only 14 passengers. One can enjoy its transparent form top in Barog. A ticket for traveling by this chair car is not readily available. On this train, you will get delicious Indo-Western food. The motor car departs at 5:10 AM from Kalka and reaches Shimla at 9:50 AM, and while returning, this motor car departs at 4:25 PM from Shimla and arrives Kalka at 9:35 PM, the fair will be INR 247 each.

Kalka to Shimla Train Timetable

S.No Train No Train Name Dep. Time Arr. Time Runs Duration II First Class (FC) Second Sitting (2S) AC Chair Car (CC) Exec. Chair Car (EC)
1 52457 Kalka-Shimla Passenger 3:30 8:55 Daily 5 h 25 min NA INR 270 NA NA NA
2 52451 Shivalik Deluxe Express 5:45 10:35 Daily 4 h 50 min NA INR 550 NA NA NA
3 52453 Kalka-Shimla NG Express 6:20 11:35 Daily 5 h 15 min NA INR 300 INR 65 INR 260 NA
4 52459 Him Darshan Express 7:00 12:55 Daily 5 h 55 min NA NA NA NA INR 630
5 52455 Himalayan Queen 12:10 17:20 Daily 5 h 10 min NA INR 475 NA INR 265 NA
6 52443 Kalka-Shimla HSP Special 13:05 19:35 Daily 6 h 30 min NA NA NA NA NA

Shimla to Kalka Train Timetable

S.No Train No Train Name Dep. Time Arr. Time Runs on Duration II First Class (FC) Second Sitting (2S) AC Chair Car (CC) Exec. Chair Car (EC)
1 52444 Shimla-Kalka HSP Special 9:20 15:50 Daily 6 h 30 min NA NA NA NA NA
2 52456 Himalayan Queen 10:40 16:10 Daily 5 h 30 min NA INR 475 NA INR 265 NA
3 52458 Shimla-Kalka Passenger 14:15 20:10 Daily 5 h 55 min NA INR 270 INR 40 NA NA
4 52460 Him Darshan Express 15:50 21:15 Daily 5 h 25 min NA NA NA NA INR 630
5 52452 Shivalik Deluxe Express 17:55 22:50 Daily 4 h 55 min NA INR 635 NA NA NA
6 52454 Shimla-Kalka NG Express 18:35 23:35 Daily 5 h 00 min NA INR 300 INR 65 INR 260 NA

Hop-On-Hop-Off Train

In 2018, a hop-on-hop-off train introduced on the Kalka-Shimla track. The track is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. The specialty in this train service is passengers can board any coach at any station. But this train has minimal seats and getting tickets is very difficult. At the time of booking tickets for this train, one should submit a photo ID proof along with a photocopy.

The Ticket fare for adults and kids are as follows:

Ticket Fare Adults Kids
1 Day INR 500 INR 250
2 Days INR 800 INR 400
3 Days INR 1000 INR 500

What is the time taken to reach Kalka from Delhi?

The train journey from Delhi to Kalka takes about 5 hours, and there are 5 direct trains from New Delhi to Kalka.

How long does it take to reach Shimla from Kalka by toy train?

The toy train journey to reach Shimla is around 6 hours from Kalka about a distance of 96 km long.

Picturesque Views Travelling From Kalka-Shimla Track

The Kalka-Shimla train journey has 103 tunnels, 20 stations, 969 bridges, and 912 curves. The longest tunnel is the Bagot tunnel at Barog, which comes before Barog station. The trip is famous for its picturesque views of snow-clad peaks, bumpy cliffs, and lush green plains. One can see and capture the beautiful scenes during this journey.

How can one make train reservations online?

One can reserve their train seats online by visiting the Indian Railways website or by visiting nearby Indian Railways booking offices. April to June will be the peak season, so it is recommended to book the tickets as early as possible. The Indian Railway codes for the stations Kalka-Shimla are “KLK” and “SML.”

Tips While Travelling to Kalka-Shimla Railway

Traveling from Kalka to Shimla, one can see the best views on the right side of the train, and while going from Shimla to Kalka, the best views can be visible on the left side of the train.

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